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Important message from The Smile Centre.

After weeks of uncertainty The Smile Centre has welcomed the (sudden!) news that dental practices can resume face to face appointments from 8th June.

We are currently working hard behind the scenes to make sure that everything required is in place to ensure a safe, phased return for both our patients and our team.

In the meantime please be assured we are doing all we can to work through patient lists, ensure that the correct PPE is in place for all of our safety, our team have the correct training and that the building is a safe, secure place for all. The Smile Centre prides itself on providing the highest standards which will not be compromised, we will reopen when we are confident that we are able to provide the best dentistry in the most secure environment. For now, please do not visit the practice - You can continue to call us if you have a dental emergency on 01579 342348.

Thank you for your continued patience – we will bring you updates as soon as we have them and guide you through all new processes which will be in place to make The Smile Centre the safest place for you to receive the dentistry you require.

The dental implant process

Here at The Smile Centre, Cornwall, we truly believe that there is no better alternative to your natural teeth. That’s why your dentist will always encourage you to take care of what nature gave you. However, sometimes life can throw challenges at you and this may mean that your natural teeth are no long suitable. This can be either through breaking or falling out. In this instance, you may be recommended dental implants. Thanks to the process of fusing the titanium screw to your jawbone through a minor surgical procedure, dental implants are irremovable unlike dentures. They are a permanent solution to replacing missing or broken teeth.

The very first step on your journey to a new smile is your initial consultation. This appointment is incredibly important. At The Smile Centre, we encourage all of our patients to express any hopes, concerns or fears with their treatment during their consultation. During this appointment, your gums and teeth are examined. Our principal dentist will also take a 3D dental CT scan of your mouth and jaw to pinpoint exactly where the implants will need to be placed. A vital part of the treatment is the health of your jawbone, as this is the base of the implant. It must be strong enough to support the implant. Also, a mould will be taken of your mouth. This is to ensure that your dental implants fit your mouth perfectly and are to your specifications.

Once we have confirmed that you are suitable to have dental implants, the next step in the treatment is the insertion surgery. As mentioned previously, this is a minor surgical procedure. It is completed under local anaesthetic, but if you’re a particularly nervous patient then the option of sedation can be discussed. Again, this is a great thing to bring up in your consultation if you feel it necessary.

The surgery itself consists of our implant surgeon directly inserting the titanium screw onto your jawbone, after making an incision in your gums. This titanium screw acts as the base for the dental implant, with the porcelain tooth replacement attached at a later point.

Following your insertion, the next step is the most important part of your treatment. This is the stage during which your jawbone must fuse to the implant. It’s this bonding between the two, that makes dental implants so strong and durable. This vital step can take anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months, as it depends on the strength of the patient’s jawbone. As the implant is fusing to the jawbone, we can fit temporary dentures or crowns on the implant, as to eliminate any discomfort on your part.

Once the fusing is complete, we can place your porcelain dental implant onto the titanium screw. These porcelain caps have been shape and colour matched to your existing teeth and mouth shape, ensuring a natural and subtle look.

The final step is your long-term care and maintenance. Although tooth implants are an incredible replacement for broken or damaged natural teeth, they do still require an element of maintenance, just like you would with your own teeth. And the requirements are just the same as with your own teeth; brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Once your treatment is complete, it is essential that you attend all following check-ups and hygienist appointments.


If you’re interested in booking a consultation for dental implants at The Smile Centre, LIskeard, then you can call us on 01579 342348 or email us at info@the-smile-centre.com.