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How to avoid staining after Teeth Whitening

Posted by on Aug 22, 2019 in Uncategorized | No Comments

So, you’ve had more teeth whitened with us here in Cornwall. You’re happy with your results and grinning with the upmost confidence. But you’re worried and asking – how do I avoid staining my newly brightened smile after teeth whitening? We’re going to share with you our top tips on how to avoid staining and streaking your teeth after your teeth whitening treatment. 

Foods and drinks that cause teeth staining 

Sadly, some of your favourite foods and drinks can cause teeth staining. This also applies to both tea and coffee, so you may want to lessen your intake of these drinks. Tea and coffee both contain tannins, which naturally occur in organic matters like the tea leaves and beans used to make the drinks. This organic matter is naturally a brown colour, but it has massive staining power on your teeth. Tannins cling to your tooth surfaces to taint them, making them appear to be browner than usual. It’s wise to have a drink of water after your tea or coffee to loosen the pigments to try cut down altogether. 

Red wine also carries the same tannins found in the fruit skins used to make it, and the acid in the drink helps them to stick around. The acid dries out your mouth which makes the tannins stick better to the tooth surfaces, so it’s essential to keep your mouth lubricated post wine drinking with a glass of water.

Foods that help with teeth whitening results 

Try munching on some strawberries to naturally whiten your teeth and help maintain your teeth whitening results! They contain malic acid, a naturally astringent that removes surface tooth discolouration. 

Foods like apples are also good for promoting natural whiteness of your teeth. Apples can work as exfoliators for your teeth with their rough texture, scrubbing away some plaque and debris. They also stimulate the production of saliva, helping to wash away their own sugary juice as well as lingering food debris. This helps stop your teeth dulling and promotes healthier teeth and gums. It has been reported Broccoli also acts in this way as a high fibre, coarse food that can scrub and exfoliate away some residual nasties in your mouth. If you’re a fam of fresh fruit and veg, you might be happy to know that pears also play a part in natural teeth whitening. This fruit helps to neutralise the acid in your mouth that causes decay and erosion, helping your dental health and natural teeth. 

If you’re interested in teeth whitening with us how or how to prolong your teeth whitening results, we at The Smile Centre will be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch today to begin your long-lasting teeth whitening journey.