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Treatment Private
New patient examination (oral cancer scan with VelScope & routine radiographs) £145.00
Full mouth gum health & oral cancer examination (registered patients) £58.00
Implant consultation (includes routine and comprehensive radiographs) £190.00
Radiographs (routine set of small xrays) £9.50
Radiographs (comprehensive full mouth xray) £45.00
Hygienist therapy (30 minutes) £85.00
Hygienist therapy (one hour) £170.00
Relaxing sedation £345.00
Fillings (white or silver coloured) from £126.00
Root treatments (front tooth) from £273.00
Root treatments (back tooth) from £546.00
Crown and bridges (per tooth ) from £650.00
Veneers (per tooth) from £650.00
Extraction (single tooth) from £150.00
Extraction (complex) from £273.00
Dentures (metal or acrylic, full or partial) from £1297.00
Whitening (at home tooth whitening) from £275.00
Whitening (top up whitening gel pack 1 syringe) from £9.95
Whitening (top up whitening gel pack 4 syringes) from £30.00
Clear aligner (an alternative to traditional braces) from £1500.00
Six Month Smiles (single arch - Including whitening) £2995.00
Six Month Smiles (both arch - Including whitening) £4095.00
Implants (to replace 1 missing tooth including a crown) from £4500.00

The Smile Plan

We have created a plan to support our patients in achieving healthy, beautiful and most importantly functional teeth and gums.

Our plan has prevention at its core because our absolute goal is to make prevention more common than treatment. Included in the monthly fee of the plan are two thorough examinations with the dentist, including a mouth cancer screening and two visits to our hygienists per year (one hour per annum). In addition we extend a 20% discount towards treatments not covered by the plan.

We are all living longer and of course we want our teeth to share the entire journey with us. We put them through an awful lot including exposing them to too much sugar and acid and perhaps not being as thorough in caring for them between dental visits.

By paying for your dental care each month, you are more likely to attend the practice as regularly as we recommend and therefore ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and functional for as long as you need them to be.

Smile Plan Bronze

To keep a healthy mouth with few problems the Bronze Plan is perfectly suited to your needs. It keeps your teeth and gums in the pink with regular six monthly visits with our dentists and hygienists and offers a 20% discount off other treatments should you require them or wish to undertake some cosmetic enhancements to your smile.

£26 per month (per person).

The plan provides for:

  • All examinations and x-rays
  • Two hygienist visits (one hour per annum)
  • 20% discount from any further dental or hygienist treatment costs

A great start for your child

The whole dental experience for our children has been transformed. There need not be any fear of visiting the dentist because for them, it will be a pleasant experience!

We encourage you to bring your children from an early age. Children can visit The Smile Centre in Liskeard for free until their fourth birthday. We will work with you to instil an awareness of the causes of decay and to teach them how to employ the best oral hygiene routines to avoid it. Our aim is to give them the tools and awareness they need to enjoy healthy teeth for life.

For just £9.50 a month your child will benefit from two thorough dental examinations and two hygiene visit per year, any necessary x-rays and 20% off any treatment necessary. And even better, this fee is extended until they reach the ripe old age of 22!

Payment options

We offer flexible finance options, such as interest free credit, and discounts for up-front payment on selected treatments. We accept cash, cheques and all major credit cards (except American Express) and we offer a range of dental plans should you prefer to invest in your teeth and gums by committing to regular dental care.

Following your dental examination we provide a thorough estimate of proposed treatments giving you complete visibility and choice.

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